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People used to say
That I was scary
Situation changed
But I still feel the same

Self-denial, self-pity
All worthless to me
Getting no where in a fast car
Thorn in my side.

Normality being accustomed to abnormality
And we wonder why we're different
And we wonder what's the same
Everything but you, I've never changed.

Eating dirt, how's it taste?
Meet the ground, ground to face
You "never did anything"
Which is why you've given me your life

Upside-down staring at a wall
Falling deeply, confined to a trance
Psychotic mind unlocked
Well, here's Johnny.

Why the insistent questioning of answers?
What for are they given again
The wall's moving now
And then you fall.
ever had those people who "never did anything" to you? and they wonder why you treat them the way they do? this poem is about them. how they never even notive what they did do to you, and then claim that they're the perfect one. that they've got no blame on their head for the way theat you treat them. people get treated the way they do because of the way they treat other people. take me for instance..I'm a jerk to people, so mnay people are jerks to me. I don't consciously make the decision to be a jerk, most of the time, but because of my humor, it's how I come off. it's a hard life, but someone's got to live it.
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August 14, 2004
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