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I closed my eyes and
I could see for miles
the years went passing
and dreams flooded into my mind
in a rushing wind I found myself screaming
"take me away"

time and space flew away,
in retrospect I could tell
that though enjoying myself in the moment
to stay would mean to forget myself

the world around me began to bleed in pain
while we all were at each other's throats
we bled our own selves dry before we'd lift our hands to help
giving into our own vices while we jumped in screaming
"take us away"

we'd never been here before
and it should've stayed that way
'cause now we're living for ourselves
we don't care about anyone else

I rolled out of bed and began to shudder
as I opened my eyes
I could barely see my hand
darkness had fallen upon this land
and there was one small light
a beam of hope came from withinI
I wrote this thing..and it's about the world in which we all live. I think it's pretty self-explanatory.
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August 12, 2004
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